OEM Parts

For some time we have been selling parts to OEM High End Audio product manufacturers. We have a wide variety of modules and PCB's that can be combined to provide everything from a simple remote level control to a full pre-amp 'shell' including custom front panel boards and input switching, etc.

If you have a product you'd like to add remote to please call to discuss your application.

Some of our past and present OEM Remote control partners include:

Redwine Audio

Purity Audio

Altavista Audio

Exemplar Audio

ModWright Instruments

K&K Audio

Miracle Audio

Atma-Sphere Music Systems

Veloce Audio

Experience Music

Wyetech Labs


Audio Note

Silbatone Acoustics

Doshi Audio

DSA - Dynamic Sounds Associates

Avanace Audio

Coffman Labs

Aries Cerat

Zesto Audio

PBN Audio

Weston Acoustics


Trafomatic Audio

The Horn Shoppe

Rogers High Fidelity

Emotive Audio


Thrax Audio

SMc Audio

Horning Hybrid Systems

MapleTree Audio Design

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