FAL Speaker Systems

Model EX (left) and Model EXW (center and right)

For almost 10 years now I've been following FAL speakers. My first encounter was at the CES show many years ago and I always look forward to any chance to hear the various models and designs.

I've personally used a DIY version of the speakers made with twin FLAT drivers and I now own and enjoy their model EXW. It's always a pleasure to visit with Furuyama-san and the wonderful people working with him at trade shows and at their shop in Tokyo.

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Here are a couple links to 'official' FAL information

Soleberry FAL Webpage

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Bent Audio Listening Room

This unique flat 'cone' speaker driver is the result of 25 years of refinement by Mr. Furuyama of Japan. It has a rather high efficiency of 95db and covers the frequency range from about 50hz up to about 10Khz. From 10 Khz and up FAL also uses their own high quality version of the Heil driver.

Bent Audio DIY speakers with FAL drivers

FAL recommends a minimum 8 watt power amp but the the original diy twin drive system in my lab was easily driven with a pair 3 watt 2A3 amps. The new finished FAL EXW model speakers now in the listening room are easily driven by Wyetech Labs 300B amps.

Please e-mail or call with any questions about FAL finished speakers or FAL drivers. I'll do my very best to get you any answers and I am always happy to talk about how they might fit into your system.

A few other FAL speaker systems

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