Slagleformer MAN

Manual Autoformer Module

Dave Slagle of Intactaudio offers a low cost and sonically great all manual autoformer. These are not available directly from Bent Audio but if you are curious about autoformer sonics it is a great way to play for very few $.

Uses for these include:

  • Checking out autoformer sonics prior to undertaking more elaborate builds.
  • Manual Autoformer Pre-amp Builds
  • A very high quality way to pad down levels to match amps in a multi amp system.
  • Padding down levels so that digital volume controls can be optimized (used up at the top of their range).
They can simply be wired in-line with some cables or installed in an enclosure to make a nice manual pre-amp. Just like our full remote controlled Slagleformer Modules this unit features and easy 3 wire hook-up.

To jump the web page for more information click please HERE.

For an example of a build using the modules check out Dick Olsher's writeup at Enjoy The Music HERE.

Payment and shipping

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