Remote Volume System


The ALPS Remote system uses the very popular Motorized ALPS Audio Taper potentiometer. This unit can be found is 100's of high end designs and has a long proven track record as a solid and affordable remote control volume solution.

ALPS Remote System Features and Specs:

  • Fully Assembled and tested - just apply power and it runs!
  • Ultra wide 8Vdc to 24Vdc input voltage
  • Very low current draw of 4mA standby and 75mA when turning
  • All clocks shutoff and go to 'sleep' between commands for noise free operation
  • 50K input Impedance suits active pre-amp designs very well.
  • IR Receiver on 5" ribbon cable
  • 3 Optional Relays for mute and other functions
  • Outputs for LED indicators for each of the 3 relays
  • Size: 3"L x 2-1/4"W x 1-1/2"H

ALPS Remote System Pricing

  • ALPS PCB + Plastic Remote Handset (fully tested and ready to run).....$130
  • ALPS PCB + Plastic Remote Handset (fully tested and ready to run) with 3 relays installed.....$150

Plastic Remote Handset (Included)

The 2 Button Bent Metal Handset

This handset may be used as a high end alternative to the plastic handset for ALPS systems requiring only volume up and down functions.

Bent Metal 2 button Remote Handset Price..............................Add $75

The 5 Button Bent Metal Handset

The 5 button Bent Metal Handset may be used as a high end alternative for ALPS systems using the optional relays.

Typical Handset functions for this model include:

  • Volume Up and Down
  • Mute
  • Misc relay functions (switching between 2 inputs, or tape or phase for example)

Bent Metal 5 button Remote Handset Price..............................Add $100

Please e-mail or call for pricing on configurations not listed here or for OEM Pricing.

ALPS Manual Download


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