Audio Related Links


Gold Point Attenuators - First Class Stepped Attenuators

Intact Audio - Dave Slagles naked Autoformers and other fine parts"

Emia Audio - Dave Slagle and Jeffrey Jackson partner up to make some great finished products

Dave and Jeffrey's blog - crazy fun stuff

Analog'n Stuff

Redpoint - Nice Tables and really a great guy to deal with!
Galibier Design - Thom's new company making the Quattro Turntable
Hagerman Technology - Great Phono Stages and other cool stuff!
Silver Audio Cables - Max is great to work with and makes really nice cables!
Tel Wire Cables - more great cables!


FAL Speakers - Love'em!
More FAL Information and pictures
Lowther America - Check out Dave Slagles Field Coil Lowthers!
GR Research -- Danny Makes Great Kits
Creative Sound Solutions - Great Speaker Parts and Kits

Electronics - Great Kits!!
Partsconnexion - nice selection of parts for projects

Useful Web Resources

Audiocircle - Kind Hosts of the New Bent Audio Forum!
Audio Asylum
Bottlehead Forum
DIY Audio Forum
Madisound Speaker Building Discussion Group
Audiotweaks - Very cool site with tweaks and diy projects
Ian Harvey Design - Original Creators of our web page!

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